And the Oscar goes to…

…….the one pretending to be happy.

We can accept any kind of truth, no matter how overwhelming, only if it replaces everything and has as much vitality as the substituted illusion.

Which one is that so completely truth as to cancel out the fear? That love that you are looking for, you will eventually find in the moment you will give up on forcing another person into the procustian bed of your expectations. Romantic terrorism is the weapon of the man haunted by fear.Fear of abandonment, fear of loneliness,fear that there’s no time, fear of not being enough,fear of being free at the end of all searches which some may say, could bring happiness.

621890000 The tacit lie is known by both of them and the agony of the end gets a new infusion of time. The whole world is built on the principle of postponing the disaster. In fact, the biggest risk is not to take any risk at all. The past experience can not be generalized under no circumstances. You risk more if you stay away behind the walls of defenses. You protect yourself from life, anticipating the suffering,even if you suffer more in expectation. We do not take risks because we do not understand what is happening. We do not understand why we love the wrong people, why we continue to stay even if we are rejected, we do not detect lies, neither when we lie ourselves, nor the other’s lie, we do not communicate essences, even if we speak words. Get to know yourself, before suffering will teach you how. Happiness must be continuously created by one’s self and will be awaken when you will find another happiness creator.

Human nature requires alliances and flesh desires,which are the impetuous desires of the middle amygdala brain, are the most direct requests of any connection. You desire a man because you like his smell,his gaze that disturbs you, because you are ready to capitulate under the pressure of his voice. But beyond this assault, more or less hormonal, is always the hope that you will survive this harrowing momentum. Not the desire matters, but it’s terrible force that makes you available for him, and together defying death lightly.couple-having-romance-wallpaper-1024x576

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